Music Notation Give Away

 Imagine composing your own music and being able to see the written version.  There are many software programs that will give you the tools to do just that!  Forte Notation is one of those programs that are easy to use.  And they are temporarily having a free Give Way of the basic App.

Usually FORTE Basic is $ 24, but until September 14 you can download it for FREE. No strings attached whatsoever.  Download here– Forte Notation Software and start writing your own scores today!


New Music Season

brain on music 2Summer Vacation has been GREAT!  I hope that everyone has fully enjoyed this special time of the year.  And now – let the new school year begin!

Music lessons will start the third full week of school – the week of September 26th.  All students from last season have been given priority for registration until September 1st. Registration is now open to all.


                               It’s now time to register for the coming year!  

Practising without the Piano

Great ideas to practice on the bus, at your desk and more!

Melanie Spanswick

My most recent article for the Piano Professional Magazine (a publication for piano teachers, published three times a year by EPTA or the European Piano Teachers Association), focuses on working away from the instrument and using the mind to aid learning in a variety of different ways. You can read the original article by clicking on the link at the end. I’ve also added a downloadable practice PDF sheet, 10 Tips for Working without the Piano, which can be printed out for students (at the end of this article). I hope you find it of interest.

Back CameraPractising without an instrument. Just how helpful can this be? To some it might appear a rather curious concept, but as teachers, we know it’s a universally popular practice tool, and for countless pianists, a very effective method of learning.

The masters have routinely praised this form of practice; Polish pianist Artur Rubenstein…

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It’s the month of the famous piano composer’s birthday!  Check out this site’s great resources for Chopin’s music. They have so much interesting information gathered in one spot – and it changes every month!

Gift Ideas

Give the gift of music! 

Trying to find the perfect present for the musician on your list?  There are always interesting and fun musically themed gifts available.  What about…….

Gift Certificates
for music lessons, digital uploading, music books, recording time, music instruments, music store….
Music Bag…
is handy to keep organized and protects books transportation to the lesson.  Children are
proud to have a “special” bag for their music books. 
Music Stand 
great to hold music books for singers and guitarists.
Pilates Resistance Bands: This is a great way to activate the lower abdominals while singing.  Latex bands are a great way to stretch and do light Pilates exercises and core muscle training.  They are also helpful in developing low support (needed when sitting down for any length of time.)
MP3 Player: For voice and other performance recording.  Some also record video.  These are useful to “bring the lesson home”!
– earrings, bracelets, pins and more.
Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Rulers
Guitar Picks (and or Pick Holder)
Music CD’s for any instrument.  Karaoke is useful for vocal students.
Music Books (of course)
Hal Leonard publisher has a wonderful choice.
Music World has many in stock and will order what they don’t have.
A special song book will bring renewed interest to practicing.
There are several choices available, all graded to correspond to the level in which the student is currently in.  Choose from Folk, to Popular, to Classical or Jazz and Rock’n Roll.
Voice Books
These books come with their own CD to play and sing along with.
-Folk Songs For Solo Singers
-Sacred Solos For All Seasons
-Easy Solos For Begining Soprano
-Church Solos For Kids
-Great Songs From Musicals For:
      1. Kids
      2. Teens
      3. Young Men
-Christmas Solos For Kids
-Kids Stage And Screen
-Solos For Kids
-Soprano Classical Contest Solos
-Contemporary Theatre Songs
-Musical Theatre Classics
-Standard Ballads
-Solos From Musicals For Kids
-Favorite Wedding Classics