Concert of April 5

music-notes-flowers-wall-art-sticker-25Tonight’s concert was spectacular!!  All students performed so very well.  I am so proud to have helped to develop such great musical talent!


The Seven Deadly Performance Sins

A successful performance is not about the mistakes. It’s about the whole”show”.

Preach What You Practice

7 deadly sins picAll sorts of things can go wrong in a performance. A cockroach can scuttle across your pedalling foot (this has happened to me). The music may fall off the stand (this has happened to me). A blood blister on your cuticle may burst during a glissando (you guessed it, this has happened to me).

But no matter what happens, as they say, ‘the show must go on’. What is the reason for this? Why do you have to keep going no matter what?

Because it’s not about you. It’s about the audience, and their enjoyment of the music you are playing. As a performer, it’s your job to make sure their enjoyment is not interrupted.

So here are, in my opinion, the Seven Deadly Performance Sins:

1.   Drawing attention to mistakes

If you say ‘oh sorry’ while you’re playing, or start again, or suddenly slow down during a performance, the…

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March Concert

What a wonderful concert given by so many talented students!  I am so proud of how well they all performed.   Three tied winners were announced for our winter practice contest – Congratulations go to Kenny, Jayden and Jerimiah!  Get ready for the Spring Practice contest – you could be a winner too!

Thank-you for all your support for Camp Quality.  Our music community gave generously in the Silver Donation and raised $144 for the cause!  Thank-you for all you donations.


It’s time again to enjoy the wonderful music-making of students! Students have the opportunity to perform in a concert on February 22.  It’s sure to be a wonderful event. It’s time for students to perfect their music.  Think of it as an Olympic challenge!

Please contact me if you need more details.

Thank you from Camp Quality

What a successful fund raiser!  Students had fun and enjoyed the prizes that they received.  This is how much they raised….


On behalf of Camp Quality Northwestern Ontario we wish to thank Suzanne Gilmore and her students for fundraising for Camp Quality this year. Today’s event was made possible by the generous support of individuals and businesses.

We wish to acknowledge today:  Karen Guzzi,  Allison Belluz,  Lois Nuttall, Christine Taylor, Jessica Leinich, Jane Deptuck,  Lisa Nash, Randy Campbell and  Ken Commisso for together donating $380 to purchase gift cards and Michael Nitz for donating 15 iTune cards.

We also had donations from McDonalds Restaurants,  Copperfin Credit Union, Pizza Hut and Music World Academy.

We hope you enjoy your rewards for fundraising

Keep Your Mind on the Music: Performance Psychology for 6-12 year old Musicians

Great ideas for children’s performance success.


(Be sure to visit Music Matters Blog for the ChordPlay Showcase and the Keynote Speaker. Both were wonderful!)

After attending the ChordPlay showcase and listening to the entertaining keynote speaker, Rick Beyer, I attended “Keep Your Mind on the Music: Performance Psychology for 6-12 year old musicians” presented by Jyoti Hench

I will be sharing my notes from this presentation below. The biggest thing I got out of this presentation is the power of being positive not only as a teacher to your students (and I think this is really crucial), but for the students to understand that power as well.


Preparing students- Polish technical details, Discuss artistry and interpretation, Set memorization deadlines, Guide stage presence

*Address mental performance strategies

What is performance psychology? “A positive approach to studying human performance.”

A Positive Approach-

Before a performance:

I’ve done all the hard work already, I’m going to play really well today (vs…

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Camp Quality

The last student concert was dazzling!  The students were all such wonderful performers and provided some very fantastic family entertainment.  The audience also dug into their pockets for a silver donation to Camp Quality to the tune of – DRUM ROLL… $142.19!

“Lifting the spirits of children with cancer.” Camp Quality is more than a camp. It’s a non-profit, volunteer organization which provides a year-round support program for children with cancer and their families.

Way to go everyone. 🙂