Concert of April 5

music-notes-flowers-wall-art-sticker-25Tonight’s concert was spectacular!!  All students performed so very well.  I am so proud to have helped to develop such great musical talent!



The season’s end concert on June 22 is CANCELLED.   Alternative plans = in- school concerts were held.  Recordings of the concerts were sent to the parents.  I hope that you enjoyed them!

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Concert Donation

A silver donation has been collected from audience members for many needy charities  at our concerts.  The March Concert designated the Special Olympics to be the most recent recipient.  Our regional Special Olympics provides quality sport training programs and competitions for athletes living with an intellectual disability in the district of Northern Ontario.

We did it – $79.90 was raised at the concert to support the Special Olympics and handed in to Valley Central to be added to their contribution!

Thank you very much for your support!

Concert Time!

Right Note  Once again it is student concert time.  A great event that enables students to show off what they have learned and also for them to learn new skills.  Mark your calendars – Sunday, March 29 at 3:30.  Please check your email for further details.

There will be a silver donation held at the concert with all monies received going towards the Special Olympics!  “Special Olympics Ontario is dedicated to enriching the lives of people with an intellectual disability through sport.”

Making Memories for a Positive Performance

Steps to successfully prepare for a memorized performance.


IMG_2720 Last spring’s recital had a beach theme–can you tell?

Apparently I’m not the only one scarred by a horrendous memory black out during a recital. Riding home with fellow adjudicators from a nearby Federation of Music Clubs Festival, I discovered that others have endured unforgettable and traumatic experiences where the memory bank crashed during an important performance. As I’m preparing my students to participate in a local Federation festival that requires memorization, it’s critical for me to equip performers for NOTHING but a successful experience. I do not wish to pass along my personal past performance scars to anyone.

Playing for an audience is already risky but playing from memory for others including adjudicators could be equated to walking a tightrope.  If performers are going to tip toe on that high wire, it’s important that a safety net is below ready to catch them when, not if mistakes occur and…

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March Concert

What a wonderful concert given by so many talented students!  I am so proud of how well they all performed.   Three tied winners were announced for our winter practice contest – Congratulations go to Kenny, Jayden and Jerimiah!  Get ready for the Spring Practice contest – you could be a winner too!

Thank-you for all your support for Camp Quality.  Our music community gave generously in the Silver Donation and raised $144 for the cause!  Thank-you for all you donations.

Concert Booked


The new concert date has been booked for Saturday, March 22.  Same place and time!   We will be having a Silver Collection for Camp Quality  – the great organization that supports children touched by cancer and their families.  Please contact me if you need more details.

It’s going to be excellent with the extra prep time!  See you there 🙂