Practice Ideas

Piano PracticeDaily thoughtful practice is so important for a child’s overall progress.  Suggested amount of time varies per student.  Younger children may do well to split the practice into two 10 minute sessions a day. Older children may do a 20-30 minute session daily.

There are many ideas to help a child to reach their music goals.  Practice charts, goal setting, schedule times…  Here are a few resources to get the most out of music instruction.  A contract such as the following: Piano Lesson Contract



Many ideas for practice charts are available.  Here is one: flower-practice-incentive or Practice Chart

Susan Paradis has a very nice chart here: Robot Chart.  There are many more charts available for download on the internet.  -Just use your favorite search engine to find a large choice of “practice charts”.


Think of appropriate rewards when a student reaches certain goals.  ex. Chose their favorite dessert for dinner, stay up 15 minutes later or go to a movie.  Have fun choosing with your child what they would like as a reward.

This is an interesting article to read:  Getting Kids To Practice Music — Without Tears Or Tantrums

Try out these ideas to develop more enthusiasm in the music student!

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