Practice Ideas

Piano PracticeDaily thoughtful practice is so important for a child’s overall progress.  This will enable children to profit the most from their music studies.

Suggested amount of time varies per student.  Younger children may start with 10 minutes per day.  This could gradually be extended to two -10 minute sessions a day. Older children may do a 20-30 minute session daily.  Again, you may find that breaking it into two sessions works better for some.

There are many ideas to help a child to reach their music goals.  This includes using practice charts, goal setting, and deciding their daily practice times.  Here are a few resources to get the most out of music lessons.  A contract such as the following: Piano Lesson Contract

Many ideas for practice charts are available.  Here is one: flower-practice-incentive or Practice Chart

Susan Paradis has a very nice chart here: Robot Chart.  There are many more charts available for download on the internet.  -Just use your favorite search engine to find a large choice of “practice charts”.


You could think of appropriate rewards when a student reaches certain goals.  ex. Chose their favorite dessert for dinner, stay up 15 minutes later on the weekend, or go to a movie.  Have fun with your child helping to choose what they would like as a practice reward.

This is an interesting article to read:  Getting Kids To Practice Music — Without Tears Or Tantrums

Try out these ideas to develop more practice enthusiasm and independent practice habits are sure to happen!


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