Music Students Have Better Cognitive Skills and Scholastic Achievement

pexels-photo-258291.jpegAre all those music lessons for your children and fighting about practice worth it?  The following article has many valid points that support the above.  Read on to find out more!


How to Practice Effectively

“Mastering any physical skill takes practice”.   This interesting article and video from TED-Ed can be found at this link.  It explains how practice can effect the inner workings of our brains.  Enjoy!

What Are Music Lessons For?

Benefits of studying piano – or any other instrument??

Elissa Milne

This is a very personal manifesto about the purpose of piano lessons. You may not agree. You may disagree vehemently. But what you (as a piano teacher or as a parent of a piano student or as a piano student) believe piano lessons are for will affect your level of satisfaction with the piano lessons you are giving, or you or your child is receiving.

This manifesto is written from the perspective of a piano teacher and former piano student, although I also suppose that these days my perspective includes that of prospective parent of a piano student (my son, Tom, is now three and a half years old).

1. Piano lessons are for learning how to do cool stuff on the piano.

Cool stuff starts with things like

  • playing familiar melodies,
  • creating glissandi,
  • using the sustain pedal,

and moves on to more sophisticated cool stuff like

  • creating a balance…

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