Mother and Children Waiting for a School BusBack to school shopping is now in full force.  Do you still need to shop for music supplies?  It’s not too late!  Whether  you’re returning to music lessons or a first timer, it’s the perfect time to make sure that all the essentials necessary to succeed as a music student are in place.  Being ready and confident for music lessons both in and out of school greatly helps to keep students motivated and focused on their musical progress; no matter what their level is!

Here’s a short list of some musical tools that make learning music easier and enhance their achievements:

  • Care Kits

Music materials need a “weatherproof” container.  This includes a case for any personal instruments being brought to the lessons as well as a container that will protect their books from being crushed or wet.  A plastic accordion envelope is great for the books and can be found at many Office Supply stores – or even at the Dollar Store!  Guitar students would benefit by having a small container in which to store their picks.

  • Tuner/Metronomes

These are great tools for students for establishing good timing and rhythm as well as developing a sense of accurate pitch.  … even smart phone apps that will help you learn chords and theory!  Ask your teacher for recommendations.

  • Music Stand

When practicing at home or at school, putting sheet music down on a counter or a table can greatly affect how a student plays (or sings!) for the worse.  Having a music stand that allows upright viewing and can be adjusted to proper eye level promotes good playing form and posture.

  • Assignment Books

This could be a lined copybook in which the teacher can write lesson instructions to do at home.  Parents are able to keep track of what the child learns and their progress throughout the year.  Notes to the teacher may also be attached to this book.  The student may also keep a record of their practice time at each lesson.

  • Method Books and Other References

Your teacher’s extensive experience has helped her to develop a list of useful method books as well as other fun supplementary materials.  Please ask.

  • Instrument Starter Kits

Unsure about which accessories your music student needs?  You may want to look into an instrument-specific beginner’s kit. These are available for instruments of all kinds!  Looking to keep costs down?  You may be surprised how many local instrument rental options are available; even for digital pianos!  Used instruments can also be a good value– with your teacher’s knowledgeable input, you can safely select a used instrument that is just right for you at this time (which could be resold at a later date)!

Looking forward to a new music year!


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