Cycling and The Alexander Technique

This is about biking, but can apply to any thing that we do with our body. Practicing an instrument with the wrong technique can also create poor body habits and lead to injury.

Beethoven by Bike

‘now there’s a proper cyclist… look he’s using the whole of his body’
pic 1 bobbing dude


I quote a very distinguished consultant neurologist and was, at the time, unable to articulate a well formed answer. However, after a couple of years of thinking about it, here is my considered response!

I have met a few cyclists who off the bike look like this. I have often wondered how their cardiovascular and digestive systems manage as the upper chamber of the thorax, containing heart and lungs must find it very hard to attain their natural desire to expand and the lower abdominal chambers must find it hard to find room for all the very necessary fuel to keep the whole show on the road, so to speak!

Pic 2 standing dude


All that bobbing to one side and another? can’t make it any easier to breathe with all that extreme…

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