Gifts for the Music Student

Need some ideas fo gift suggestions for guitarists, ea4be8dfef758c1e91c614a792136272pianists, singers and other music students on your list:  These are always useful and appreciated!

$25 or less…

  • Music Music Music! Choose an iTunes card, mp3s and CDs for sale on the web.
  • A tripod for camera or portable recorder
  • A new throat-protecting scarf or shawl
  • A case to transport and protect Music Books
  • A music theory book
  • Guitar Tuner
  • Cap, hat, earrings or belt for stage
  • Gift Cards for digital music site 1 or site 2 (there are so many more!) or Apps
  • Metronome
  • Mic stand pick holder (maybe add some picks!)
  • Stainless steel, glass or BPA-free water container.
  • A full length mirror (for singers or any other stage performers)
  • Warm air humidifier (not cool)
  • Pack of strings (find a sneaky way to make sure you know the instrumentalists’ preference; light strings are great for beginner guitarists)
  • Instrument cleaner, polish or string changing wrench

$26 – 50

$51 – 200

  • A backup hard drive for their recording project files
  • Masterwriter software (for songwriters)
  • A bookshelf to organize their music books
  • Lessons with a personal trainer and/or gym membership  (for personal appearance AND vocal stamina!)
  • Acting or dance lessons…
  • A microphone – Will it be for stage performance or recording? A podcast?
  • Mp3 player (other than iPod for cheaper alternatives)
  • A camera or camcorder – Make a digital history of their progress!
  • A turntable (LP vinyl player)
  • A good set of headphones – Silence is golden for the rest of the family!
  • A gig bag or other instrument case
  • An acoustic piano tuning – nothing sounds better than playing in tune!
  • Portable CD player
  • DragonSpeak – Voice Recognition Software  (for songwriters and speech writers)

$201 and up…

  • Stage clothes
  • Wireless mic system
  • A photo session
  • A music camp
  • Portable CD player
  • A demo or master recording project
  • A professional video shoot
  • A new instrument.. guitar, keyboard, mandolin, violin, etc
  • A series of instrumental  or vocal lessons
  • Home studio recording gear
  • A live PA system

Gifts of Your Time –

  • Write song charts for them.
  • Search and download one of the many free music Apps for their device (how about a free Music Notation App such as iPads Prelude or Android’s Music Composition)
  • Help them set up Instagram (now available on iPhone AND Android)
  • Edit their video.
  • Organize their worktapes and lyrics
  • Write a song for them (priceless).
  • If you have a home studio, record a song demo or worktape on them.
  • Listen to their presentation/speech or new song and give feedback.
  • Give them a day of complete voice rest! Do the talking for them.
  • Dog sit or do their chores while they practice for an upcoming concert!

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